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Interested Students

Chongqing University

Architecture scholarship
Program Information
Degree Duration Teaching Language Starting Date Tuition
Doctoral 4 Years Chinese Sep 01,2021 ¥ 28,000 Per Year
Scholarship Coverage


  • Tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Living Allowance

1. Full scholarship
-Free of tuition fees;
-Provide free double room accommodation or RMB 700 / month accommodation subsidy (paid monthly);
-Living expenses (paid monthly) are provided according to the following standards:
Doctoral students: 2200 yuan / month
-Comprehensive medical insurance for international students.
2. Partial scholarships
-Free of tuition fees;
-Comprehensive medical insurance for international students.
The duration of the above scholarship is the same as the professional educational system determined at the time of admission, and shall not be extended.

How Much You Need to Pay After You Got Scholarship (RMB)

Tuition: 28000 0
Accommodation: 0-700/ month
Living Expense:0- 1500/month


1. Foreign nationals applying to Chongqing University for a degree;.
2. Be physically and mentally healthy, excellent in both character and learning, and abide by Chinese laws and regulations and school rules and regulations;.
3. Not getting other kinds of scholarships at the same time;.
4. Submit complete, true and effective application materials on time..
5. Education background and age requirements:
Those who want to study for a doctorate must have a master's degree in a related field, and in principle they should not be over 40 years old.

Documents You Need to Provide (Application Documents Sample)

1) First page of passport.
2) The highest education certificate. Applicants for doctoral degree are required to provide master's diploma and diploma.
3) Study report card. Applicants for doctoral degree should provide transcripts of master's degree.
4) Learning plan or research plan (stating personal basic information, personality characteristics, hobbies, learning motivation, learning purpose and learning plan, etc., no less than 800 words).
5) Two letters of academic recommendation. Applicants for master's or doctor's degrees should submit letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors in Chinese or English. The recommendation letter should introduce the academic or scientific research situation of the students, as well as the contact information of the recommender (including position, e-mail and telephone number).
6) Resume. It should include the applicant's personal information, educational background, work experience, scientific research achievements, papers published, awards, etc.
7) Proof of language proficiency.
8) Physical examination records of foreigners.
9) No criminal record.


Q: If I failed to get the scholarship, is the money refundable?
A: Yes, please refer to our "Terms & Conditions".

Q: When can I know the result whether I get the scholarship or not?
A: Generally, the result will come out around mid-February for Spring Intake and aroud May to June for Autumn Intake.

Q: When will I get the admission documents?
A: The admission documents, including Admission Letter, Scholarship Confirmation and Visa Letter, will be delivered to you 1-2 months before the course starts.

Q: Why should I pay the service fee in advance?
A: Scholarship application takes time, effort and resource in both CUCAS and universities, and the process is irreversible. In case of casual applications and attempts, we charge service fee in advance. There is no extra cost or hidden charge.


Success Rate

How to Apply

Step 1: Click the "Apply Now" button above and pay scholarship application and service fee (all available payment methods).

Step 2: Wait for the payment confirmation, then our counselor will provide documents guidance (including the application form).

Step 3: Submit documents and wait for the result and admission documents (including admission letter, visa letter).

Deadline for Payment: Apr 30, 2021
Deadline for Documents: Apr 30, 2021

Application & Service Fee: $500 Why should I pay the service fee in advance?Scholarship application takes time, effort and resource in both CUCAS and universities, and the process is irreversible. In case of casual applications and attempts, we charge service fee in advance. There is no extra cost or hidden charge.

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